Janelle Holod Design

The Wanderer Online Relaunch

The website was designed using the Wordpress Theme Friday by DFDevelopment.
The outgoing editor Katrina Regino put together theme options that suited the needs of the magazine, and one was chosen by Katrina, the EIC and myself.
Once the theme was chosen, I worked with it in order to get the home header and menu, feed, article pages and sidebar features to look and work the way we needed them to.
As the relaunch date approached, I created a graphic illustrated banner for our social media accounts to advertise the relaunch. I also created many variations on the banner to celebrate the relaunch, announce our holiday hiatus, and invite our editors and writers to a social event. The website has since undergone a new redesign with a new staff, but this theme served us well through 2014-2016.