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Immunization, Influenza, and the Immunocompromised by Keon Collett

A personal article about how immunization affects immunocompromised people and the population as a whole.

Adventures in Irony: The Original Cliché | By Keaton Peterson

An article about not bein precious with ideas, and embracing making mistakes to grow as a creative.

About Hair | By Sharon Mvundura

An article about the stigmas, struggles, and identities of natural black hair.

The Aftermath of Coming Out | By Cosette Dubrule

An article about dealing with awkward family moments as an LGBTQ person during the holidays.

A Little Hope for Our “No Generation” | By Sophie Pinkoski

An article about milennials, rejection, and learning to deal with harsh realities.

SurgerWii | By Jenny Yoon

Using the Nintendo Wii and motion tracking technology to teach new surgical techniques.

Underserved and Ignored: Millennials and the Rise of Financial Technology | By Nenad Dumanovic

Milennials and the financial sector, and how tech can serve them when traditional industry does not.

Greed: How Much Money is Needed for Happiness? | By Abisola Ojikutu

What amount of money would let you do anything you wanted, in order to be happy?

Stoking Your Inquisitive Fires | By Shrida Sahadevan

Exploring research and passion through neurology and math.